I got so Tired of Pretending.


I got so tired of pretending.

Pretending to be the person I perceived you wanted me to be.


  1. Writing is going to be two great things for you, a catharsis and an awakening. You have begun your writing journey.
    I hope it is also going to be a catalyst to help others to begin their journey to becoming free from their past so they can embrace life, or maybe to better understand the suffering some people have gone through in life.
    Life is so imperfect and sometimes cruel. Thank God it isn’t something that must be borne alone.
    The kitten in the jeans leg is purrfect! It, like you, is peeking out wondering if it’s safe. It is! And, it’s so adorable, how could it not be loved.

  2. Thank You! By Divine Providence, you have become my friend of the ♥️. Your supportive, loving comments have helped me realize just how important it is for me to continue writing. It is, indeed, a Catharsis.
    Several years ago, after completing about 10 chapters, I tried to back it up to an external hard drive. Instead, I “backed up” the blank hard drive to my computer, effectively erasing over two years of pouring out my heart.
    Devastated, I just stopped.
    Your recent “kick in the butt” was exactly what I needed! I have been lead to sharing my experiences so that others can Know and Believe that, no matter the hardships we face, we Can not only Survive, but Triumph! We need only to place ourselves in God’s loving hands.

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